NIGOL for iOS 5.1+ QR Code Connect Message or Task Verification

NIGOL Mobile

Instead of use 3AKey, NIGOL authentcation can be deployed with NIGOL Mobile - a personal authentocation application that is available for devices runing iOS or Android operating system.

Download and Install NIGOL Mobile

For evaluation purpose, NIGOL Mobile for iOS devices can be downloaded from this website (use link below). However, evaluer is required to provide the UDID of his/her iOS device in advance. Once the UDID has included in the download binary, the evaluers will be notified by email.

Once the app is out of beta, it will be available for download from Apple's APP STORE.

NIGOL Mobile - Authentication and Virtual Connection

  1. Click this link to request a NIGOL Mobile authentication, a QR code will be displayed.
  2. Start your NIGOL mobile app from your Smartphone, and tap the "connect" button.
  3. Point the phone camera towards the QR code.

NIGOL mobile app captures QR code automatically. The browser and your Smartphone will be virtually connected together after a round of mutually authenticating is completed. Once connected, the browser application communicate with the NIGOL app securely behind the scene, exchange application or user message as the need arise.

NIGOL Mobile - Secure Messaging and Task Authorization

Inputbox in the demo is provided is to show that application can send custom message (alphanumeric) to user discretely and get an authorization or acknowledgment in return.