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Browser plugin for Windows Browser plugin for OSX Program your 3AKey Set your 3AKey Password

Get Ready for a Live Demonstration


Obtaining a 3AKey:

If you don't have a 3AKey already, please email FrontOne Inc. with your contact details if you are interested in participating this invitation only evaluation program. A 3AKey is necessary to gain access to all system capabilities and appreciate the power of of this ground breacking product.

Download and Install Browser Plugin:

Installed once in each computer, the above plugin enables allow NIGOL authentication to be used with any one of popular browsers. (always use the latest evrsion and update where possible)

NOTE: LASPlugin may not be activated after installation. You may need to active it at your preferred browser(s) manually.
Firefox example: menu >> add-ons >> plugins >> LASplugin >> always activate

Program New Key

this step can be skipped if 3AKey already activated from PocketPass service

Set up your username and passowrd protection for your 3AKey:

You are now ready:

  1. Insert your 3AKey
  2. Go to NIGOL Demo page or click "NIGOL Demo" at menu bar
  3. follow the on screen instruction