Whereevr digital security and privacy is essential, count on NIGOL to deliver Login as a process exposes credential to attacker and reduces the system’s ability to defend itself Empowers the weakest link in security to become the strongest, NIGOL turns the page on phishing attacks NIGOL authentication is a privacy friendly authentcation protocol Zero Knowledge proof meant confidentiality. It is the foundation of trusting relationship. This is continuous dynamic mutual authentication. It is how NIGOL works behind the scene.


While NIGOL authentication is not necessarily designed to prevent cyber-attacks per se, it can and will protect your digital assets in cyber space by securing your digital identity and transactions. In particular, for rganizations want solution to mitigating the risk of account takeover.

NIGOL authentication utilizes a privacy friendly messaging system and dynamic, non-transferable digital identity scheme to maximize security. More importantly, it has been designed to address all authentication threats as identified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) via JANUS, a security application which introduces a continuous dynamic element in each message or transaction, uncovers and stops attacks while in its track.