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Security Benefits of NIGOL Authentication

From user's perspective, NIGOL authentication provides peace of mind, with multiple safeguards embedded as follow:

  1. You are virtually disconnected from the internet because accounts protect by 3AKey are inaccessible without your 3AKey. There is no front door or back door available to exploit.
  2. Your 3AKey is unique and exclusive to you personally. Transaction is possible only when you are present and your 3AKey has plugged in.
  3. Serves as your personal authentocator, 3AKey restrics access to Only authorized service providers with onetime-use access code, obtained from your designated JANUS server. JANUS server is the mutually trusted and independent body that holds the shared-secrets for all parties. To maximize security and privacy, JANUS server has separate and one-one-one relationship for individual user and service provider.

NIGOL authentication has been designed to defeat (passive, active or persistent) online identity thefts. Our tests have demonstrated that NIGOL authentication has been able to eliminating an entire category of software based attacks, and is effective in defeating or neutralizing current and emerging threats as listed below:

In short, NIGOL authentication is the tool of choice for mitigating risks associated with impersonation.